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Ise Momen


Ise Momen has been produced in the Ise area of Japan since the Edo period(17th century).The warm weather Ise plain is surrounded by sea and mountains.
Is Momen is smooth and soft. The comfortable feeling comes from the traditional weaving process of slowly weaving the soft,twisted threads.
Traditionally Ise Momen uses single threads, which are hard to weave as they easily break. Is Momen uses only thread from good quality cotton and attaches starch paste to the soft threads,then carefully weaves them.
One loom produces 3cm of cloth per minute. Textiles are carefully woven step by step using soft threads, producing one 13 meter roll per day per loom.
When Ise Momen is washed the starch gradually comes off, so the Ise Momen gets softer each time it is washed and worn.

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おかげ手ぬぐい 常若屋

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